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stretching balm for ear plugs and rings

Stretching Balm

Stretching balm for hygiene and assisting with stretching of pierced ears. This balm is made from a blend of organic natural ingredients as a soothing and healing agent for newly stretched skin. It is also great for maintaining happy and healthy stretched ears, even long after the initial stretching stages.

The balm will also help with sliding plugs in with ease, especially double flared or a new size plug.

This stretching balm can be customised to your specific fragrance or ingredient requirements. Please contact us with an idea of what changes you would like 

Also available in a Vegan formulation



If you notice any issues such as extreme swelling, redness, discharge, itching, irritation or hotness, discontinue use and consult your piercer

Size: 30g
Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, Hemp seed oil, Tea Tree oil, Myrrh oil, Bees wax, shea butter
Make this item truly unique for you! more information can be found here.
Our ingredients are all ethically sourced and organic where supply permits. You can expect minor variations in our products due to the small batch hand making process carried out in Maungaraki, New Zealand.

stretching balm