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Waxing for Everyone

Waxing is a great tool for maintaining a sharp and confident appearance. It’s a quick and easy process that provides long-lasting convenience to your everyday life. Here at YoggieBear, we offer all your head-to-toe waxing and shaving services, specialising in all body types. 

We prioritise your comfort whilst in our studio, creating both a relaxing and professional environment to enjoy. After a wax with us, you’ll leave feeling well informed on how to care for your freshly waxed skin at home. In the meantime, our Pre-Waxing Guide and Aftercare Guide are available to read through any time. 

Check out our full range of waxing services here and let us help you feel your best!

Our Products & Equipment 

Our waxing services are carried out using standard professional equipment and supplies. We use products from the Australian company ‘Jax Wax’ and use our own ethically sourced premium organic products for pre-wax preparation and aftercare. We maintain a professional and sanitised environment and meet all the ministry of health guidelines for providing personal services.