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Bikini / Speedo wax by Yoggiebear male wax technician

Bikini / Speedo - $35

Bikini / Speedo waxing includes the area at the top of the thighs to where a Bikini or Speedos would cover front and back. Also known as an X wax. We will check with you prior to starting how little or much you wish to include.


The Bikini / Speedo service uses strip wax. If you have a preference for hot or strip wax to be used on specific  areas of skin, as part of this service, please discuss this with your technician.

Please read the Pre-Waxing guide as ideally, preparation starts a few days before your appointment. Complete the Personal details and consent form prior to your appointment. This collects information about you and your skin and is required for both first time and regular clients.

bikini / speedo wax