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Ingrown Hair Serum by Legolé from Unique by Yoggiebear
Ingrown Hair Serum by Legolé, a leader in hair products

Ingrown Hair Serum by Legolé

Ingrown hair is a speciality of Legolé, a leader in products to reduce these problems. This effective water based formula has been in use for over 35 years and removes ingrown hairs in days.

We stock it as it is especially useful after waxing in sensitive or prone areas such as intimate waxing, underarms but it works anywhere you experience ingrown hairs.


Size: 200ml
Ingredients: Allantoin, Alum, Silicone, Glycerine, Potassium sulphates, Sodium, Bi carb, Borax
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Our ingredients are all ethically sourced and organic where supply permits. You can expect minor variations in our products due to the small batch hand making process carried out in Maungaraki, New Zealand.

Legolé ingrown hair serum