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Shaving Brush - Boar Bristle

Shaving Brush - Boar Bristle

Boar bristle brushes are the most common and economical brushes: you can easily find boar brushes in many stores and supermarkets.

The bristles are white or yellow, but you can find also dyed or striped knots, created to remind badger shaving brush knots.

Despite being largely available, using a boar shaving brush has some drawbacks: it needs several shaves before becoming properly broken in and the feeling on the skin may be rough at first, so it’s not recommended for sensitive skin.

A Boar bristle brush is an ideal brush for you if you have economy in mind and are only just starting safety razor shaving.

The brushes are available in a range of New Zealand native wood handles or resins. Each wood handle is hand turned by a local Wellington woodturner.